Decided to make my Leica M6 an everyday carry and see what turns out. Posting one photo per day a month delayed.

07.20.14 Jerrod. Hollywood.

"Death invented time to grow the things it wanted to kill."


07.18.14 Julie. Los Angeles.

Work attire.

07.17.14 Julie. Los Angeles.

Always get a little morning sun on you moon.

07.15.14 Julie. Los Angeles.

Moving is sickening.

07.14.14 Julie. Los Angeles.

First night. New Place.

heymrriot said: You've taken some amazing stuff. I think a limited run of the 365 days of Leica book if you did make that happen would be pretty cool.

Thank you so much. Yeah that’s kind of what I’m thinking too. I’ve started to toy with some different layouts and options.

jacknimble23 said: Damn I just discovered your blog and you're now one of my favorite photographer, i really love your work

That’s super sweet of you!! Just doing my best to make some fun stuff.

07.13.14 Julie. Los Angeles.

Moving is an odd opportunity to redefine how your home, your surroundings, your external you, appears. It takes a lot of work, sweat and frustration but in the end your walls reflect the you of today rather than the old walls that can only reflect who you once were.

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